Monday, March 17, 2008

Emma's Baptism

A little over 6 months ago, not long after Emma turned five. Josh and I were tucking her into bed. We have our nightly routine. The usual- we brush teeth and hair, read a story and then say nightime prayers. On this particular night Emma was asking a lot of questions about Jesus. Josh and I answered the best we could. As the conversation went on we soon realized that this was a special night. Emma asked Jesus into her heart. Now, working with youth, I have heard many teenagers pray for salvation. Every time it is a moving thing to here. But never was it so moving as when I heard my own child pray this prayer. Time has passed since then and Emma continues to enjoy spending time with friends at church. As she saw some children being baptized at church a couple months ago, she said that she did not want to be baptized until she was a grown-up. Not wanting to push her, we just said okay and went on about things. But then, a couple of weeks ago for whatever reason she changed her mind. "I want to be baptized, now, as a kid," she said. Of course, Josh moved quickly to secure the soonest time to have it done. And, so, yesterday we rejoiced with family as we watched Josh baptize Emma. Josh has had the privilege of baptizing teenagers in the youth group which has always been very special, but, just as it was so much more sweet for me as I prayed with Emma, so it was for him, as he baptized her. He, understandably, had a hard time maintaining composure as he retold mostly what I have told you here before baptizing her. He also told of his conversation with her before her baptism. He asked her, "Do you know why you are being baptized?" She replied, "Because I love Jesus and I love to read my bible." He told her that when she prayed for Jesus to come into her heart that she became a disciple. "Really," she asked in amazement. What a special day. Emma looked so precious up there as her daddy told everyone about her. My heart swelled with pride for both my daughter and my husband. I beleive just about every person in the sanctuary cried tears of joy. It was a day I will treasure in my heart forever.


shannon said...

oh my goodness, how sweet! thanks for making me cry at work! your kids are too precious! it's so nice to see a family truly raising their kids in God. you guys are a special family! i frickin' love ya, bo-bourtny!

Lisa said... wonderful! Tell Emma that not only is she my great niece, she is now my sister in Christ. I'm very proud of her and also of you and Josh.

Lots of love, Lisa

Deta said...


You also made me cry. That was the sweetest story. I am so proud of Emma. Thanks for keeping me in the loop. I don't get to see you guys very much but you hold a very special place in my heart. I love you all.


Valarie said...

That is so wonderful! I can remember when the girls were baptized, I cried and cried. Daddy prayed for Jessie at here baptism, it was a very special time. Tell her that Aunt Valarie is very proud of her. :)

Adam Wallace said...

That's great Courtney.

I'm glad she got baptised