Thursday, March 20, 2008

Jackson Is A Flirt

Last Thanksgiving we had a nice young lady come to our church to sing. Her name was Courtney Lynn. She was only about 18 and very pretty. She spent the Saturday night before the church service hanging out with the youth group at their Thanksgiving get together. Jackson really liked her. Now, if any of you know Jackson very well, you know that he's not really sure about most people. He doesn't really like to sit on your lap or snuggle unless he's tired. But, he spent most of the evening on Courtney's Lap, flirting. The next day Courtney was at the church singing (which she did beautifully). At one point, she asked all of the children to come up front for a special children's song about Noah's ark. I went up with Jackson and Emma. We sat down, and Courtney started to talk to the kids. Jackson was laughing and trying to flirt again. When Courtney saw him she said, "Jackson, I just love you. Can I take you home with me." Then it came, his response. Loud enough for the whole congregation to here, he said, "Oh, sure babe!" I'm sure I turned 14 different shades of red.


Adam Wallace said...

I remember that Courtney.

That was funny!!!

Valarie said...

He is a little cutie pie, who wouldn't want to take him home. Just wish he would give his Aunt Valarie the time of day.

Lisa said...

Oh boy. You better watch out! He's already a ladies man. I remember coming to visit once when he was just a itty bitty baby and he had me wrapped around his little finger. I couldn't leave the side of his crib because he was asleep and look like such an angel. I wanted to take him home with me then.

Love ya, Lisa