Friday, March 14, 2008

Our Crazy Wonderful Life

As more and more of my friends have started blogs to keep friends and family updated on the constant changes that life brings, I guess peer pressure has got the best of me. So here I am to start a blog about our little (or should I say big) family.

My life is mostly centered around my family. I married Josh Beddingfield on October 16, 1999. We met at the University of Tennessee where we had many wild and memorable times with friends that we cherish to this day. Since then, we have started a life devoted to our 3 children and ministry. Emma Elizabeth came into our lives greeted by the paparazzi on June 6, 2002. Jackson Brooks came along on January 7, 2005. I think he's been running and screaming like a crazy man ever since. LOL. Leah Caroline is our youngest and she was born on June 30, 2006, named in honor of grandmother Lee Ann Sapp and great grandmother Carolyn Courtney. Josh works as a Youth Pastor in a small town in East Tennessee. We love it here in the hills!

There are a so many cute things that the kids do and say every day. I always say I should write that down in the kids' baby books. But, as busy as life is, digging those books out and making the documentation never seems to happen. I am hoping that this might make it a little easier (since I am on the computer quite a bit). Also, it might help me keep everyone else updated too.

Here's fair warning - I am not a very good writer. So this may be a little boring to some but I hope the humerous stories provided by our children will serve for entertainment in itself. Enjoy!


Lisa said...

I'm looking forward to hearing every little bit! As family, we really need to stay in touch better (my fault, I know). :)

I love you all so much.

Valarie has a great blog. Have you seen it?

I have one that isn't so great. Its mainly just pictures that I take.

At least I think thats it.... It could be

I'm having a brain cramp.

I'm looking forward to seeing more from your family.

Love, Lisa

Valarie said...

I have really enjoyed doing the blog thing. I think it is keeping me sane. :) I have found that it really is a good way for me to journal all the crazy stuff the kids do.