Friday, March 14, 2008

Potty Training

Potty Training Emma was a breeze. I think she was born knowing what she should do. With her, we started potty training at 18 months and she was pretty much good to go by 2 years. I guess that is why I have been caught a little off guard by our son who has just turned 3 and still shows no interest whatsoever. I have the books and dvd's for him to watch and he knows what he should do, just doesn't want to do it. Who would have thought two siblings could be so different. It probably doesn't help that mom cannot give her full attention to Jackson like she did Emma. And then there is Leah, fast on the heels of her brother. She's past the age now that Emma was when we started potty training her. And yet, training her seems absurd since her older brother is still in diapers. So, I was thinking...why not make it a group effort. Side by side Jackson and Leah listen to mommy's urges to pee pee in the potty. It's still slow going but we're hoping that a little jealousy might work out to be a good thing in this situation.


Lisa said...

Don't worry. They'll get there.... :) Now if only you can make it through it. :)

I'm sure you have tried this, but has Jackson "aimed" at cheerios in the potty yet?

Love, Lisa

Valarie said...

I can remeber my pediatrician telling me, "Have you ever seen a kindergartner wearing diapers to school?" In other words don't worry they will get it. :)