Sunday, March 30, 2008

Watch this!

Do you remember, when you were a kid, saying "Mom, Dad, watch this!"? Maybe you were one of those kids that liked to make up plays or puppet shows and perform them for your parents.

My daughter, Emma, is really into dress up right now. She'll put on her Cinderella dress, come into the living room and say, "Look mom!" Then she'll twirl, spin and dance her heart out. Afterwards she'll look at me, waiting for a compliment. I'll say "Great job, Emma! Do another dance." She'll smile, so happy that she has pleased me with her performance.

My son, Jackson likes to swing. I'll push him and as he goes higher and higher, his grin will get wider and wider until he'll say cheerfully, "Look mom!" I'll say, "Wow! I see you Jackson, you're swinging so high like a big boy!" He laughs.

When I was little, we had what seemed like a huge hill in our back yard. My little brother and I would push our Big Wheels to the top of the hill and then ride them down as fast as we could fly, dodging bushes all the way. I can almost picture my little brother (who looked a lot like Jackson when he was little) standing at the top of that hill... a little daredevil with a wide smile looking to dad at the bottom of the hill and saying "Watch this!" Then he would fly down the hill, laughing all the way. When he got to the bottom, he would say "Did you see that, daddy?" Dad would say, something like "I saw you! That was awesome! Do it again!"

I spent this past weekend at a Church of God state youth convention with our new youth group from Greeneville. On Saturday night, I was in the service, experiencing an amazing time of worship along with the other 900 attendees. The worship leader was Jeff Deyo and he was singing a song called "Unveil My Eyes."

Now, most worship leaders come to a point when they are leading worship where the music kind of goes all instrumental. They'll stop singing the written words on the screen and just start singing what's on their heart. Whatever comes to mind. I'll have to admit that, in the past, I have always been frustrated by this....alright, I've been more than frustrated, even mad. I can't follow that. What are they thinking? Why don't they just sing the words on the screen so I can sing along. I would usually just use this as a prayer time, which is a good thing. But, on Saturday, I guess the spirit got the best of me. The music was pretty loud, so I decided that I would not be a distraction to those around me if I sang freestyle praises from my heart as the worship leader did. It was amazing.

After a few minutes, Jeff stopped singing and started to talk. He talked about being your own worship leader and not worrying so much about the words on the screen but to sing your own praises to God. Others around me started to do the same....singing whatever came to their heart until the whole room was praising in their own way. It should have been loud and unpleasing to the ears....all those different voices, tunes, words. But, it was probably some of the most beautiful praise and worship I had ever heard.

Okay, so, I'm having one of those weird God moments. I'm like, okay God, that is the first time that I ever try that, and immediately after, you speak through Jeff and seem to say that we should do exactly what I had just done.

It was like my brother flying down that hill on his Big Wheel....It was amazing!....It was wild!... It was free!... It was exhilerating!... and at the bottom of the hill, the father is standing there with a huge smile on his face, saying "I saw you! That was awesome! Do it again!"


Adam Wallace said...

That's a great story Courtney.

BTW. My mom was their with our youth group.

Courtney Beddingfield said...

yes, I saw her there. She had to room with Laura...poor thing. :)

gabriel said...

That's cool, Courtney! I'm glad you got freed up. That's really awesome, too, how you ventured out and was immediately affirmed by God.

Actually, this is the main reason why I think that the music should be loud at church. (Well, at churches that play rock music similar to Jeff Deyo.) If the band isn't loud enough, people don't feel free to sing out. They're always worried that someone will hear them... and that they won't say, "Wow! Great job!"

Valarie said...

Thats awesome! We had a prayer service one time where we all prayed outloud at the same time. Hundreds of people putting their own personal prayers up to God it was the most Amazing sound. I imagine thats a little bit of what Heaven will be like.