Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Leaving a Home

We have some built-in book shelves in the living room of our home. When we first moved to our house, I put all kinds of nick-nacks on them but was very displeased as I stood back and looked at it all. So, I took suggestions from my sisters (thanks Susan and Samantha!) and painted the backs of the shelves a Mississippi Mud color. Then I displayed many black and white pictures of our family on them. It was a much cleaner, more dramatic look. Of course, it was also special because of all the precious pictures of the kids. I was very proud of it! I usually got many compliments on the wall when we had people over.

The other day I started to pack many of the things that are unnecessary to live over the next few weeks. With that, I packed the black and white pictures on the shelves. When I was finished, I looked up and was overcome with emotion as I looked at a cold, empty set of shelves.

This house is very special to us. I'm sure just about everyone who has bought and sold their first home can say the same. When we bought this house it was barely liveable. It had been unoccupied for awhile before we moved in since the old woman who lived here was moved to a nursing home because of Alzheimers. The kitchen was very scary. We lived on fast food and microwave meals for the first 4 months we were here.

As we have worked to make it a comfortable place to live, we have learned to love all of it's quirks, even the fact that the washer and dryer are in seperate rooms...okay, maybe not that. But, I know that I will have a hard time on our last day here as I walk back to the tiny nursery that we brought Jackson and Leah home from the hospital to. I did a lot of rocking in that room. The most special memories are of me rocking Jackson when he was a baby while my belly swelled as Leah grew inside. I got to rock both my babies at the same time!

Then there's also the beautiful kitchen that some very special men (my husband, dad, brother and father-in-law) worked their rear ends off to totally remodel during the three days that I was in the hospital for Jackson's delivery. It meant the world to me to bring a newborn home to a place where I could prepare baby bottles in a clean, safe kitchen.

And then there's Emma's bedroom where we cuddled together every night after prayers...even that special prayer when she prayed for Jesus to live in her heart.

There are a lot of memories here. As excited as we are to move to a new home, this move is hard. But, I take heart in knowing that we will make many more sweet memories in the years to come, in a new home. God knows where that home is and the right time for us to find it. And He knows that it will be very special to us too.


gabriel said...

Hi Courtney,

You guys did a great job with the house. You're really gifted at making a home a Home.

I remember when we moved from Duncanvill to Wylie. We'd lived there for like 5 or 6 years, I think. When everything got moved out, I cried like a baby. I'm kind of sentimental, too.


yacoob said...
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Adam Wallace said...

I remember when we moved from Ohio to Kentucky then fr Kentucky to Knoxville.

Both of those were emotional times.

stacie said...

your house is beautiful! and i am sure your new one will be just as beautiful as the old one. just think of a new house to make new memories in.... we are about to move, and while we are totally not sad to move out of our apartment, it is the first place i have ever lived out of state. and now we are moving to our first house. moving is always bittersweet, i think.

samantha.sapp said...

i know i didn't ever live there, but here are some of my favorite memories of your house...1. the first time i saw it. i thought you all were crazy! but look at it now. 2. painting emma's room and then the look on her face when she saw it. 3. emma's birthday party with the big blow up jump thingy in the front yard and how much fun the "adults" had in it! 4. emma showing me her fish in the pond 5. sitting on the couch late one night talking to you and josh and being the first ones we told that we were going to try to get pregnant 6. watching emma, jackson and leah hide in the closets and jump out to scare us....i could totally keep going...but you get the idea=) love you guys.

Shannon said...

I know what it is like to leave the first home that you have with your little ones. When we moved, I had to leave Sydney's yellow nursery then big girl room and Kyndall's "crocadile smile" green nursery. I cried the whole time. Ken just blamed it on the hormones of Ellah pregnancy. MEN! But now you will have new memories to fill the new house with.

Valarie said...

I know yall will make lots of memories at your new home, but I also know that this has got to be hard.

If I know you and Josh the new home will be filled with lots of love and laughter. :)