Thursday, April 10, 2008

Television Destroyers

A few months back, our TV in the living room went out. It had been a great one. My mom and dad had given it to us a long time ago. So, we moved the one out of our bedroom to the living room. My parents gave us another little 13 inch that they weren't using to replace the one in our bedroom. Well, last week Jackson pulled the TV in the living room off of the entertainment center onto the floor. He was trying to get some toy of his that had gotten pushed back behind the TV. Thank the Lord, the TV did not fall on him and he is fine. The TV, however, did not fair so nicely. It is dead. So, out came the little 13 inch from our bedroom. Well, you guessed it, tonight we flip on the 13 inch. We had sound but absolutely no picture. I had to listen to the American Idol results without any picture. I felt like I was in the early 50's listening to one of those radio broadcast shows. So, we have been awfully hard on TV's lately. My mom called tonight and told me that my brother and sister-in-law (not even knowing of our TV escapades) are going to generously give us a nice TV that they are not using anymore. Thanks guys! Hopefully we can be a little kinder to this one.


samantha.sapp said...

haha=) no problem, hopefully this one won't be falling on any of the kiddos either!

Adam Wallace said...
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Adam Wallace said...

Thats Funny Courtney!

That almost sounds like something that would happen to my family!

Atleast you got to listen to American Idol.