Monday, May 19, 2008

Homelessness ends tomarrow!

I am up late tonight, very excited, can't sleep because tomarrow we will be signing on our new house. I cannot beleive that we are finally to this point. It has been a hard road since June of last year when we first felt God leading us to Greeneville. The time that our family has been separated, along with the stress of buying and selling a house has weighed heavy on us, but God is good. Not only have we grown so much since this journey began but we have had blessing after blessing poured out upon us. From the amazing, friendly, welcoming church that we have become a part of, to our precious family who has supported us and done so much to help us in the transition, to the way God has met our every financial need and then some. I am truly amazed, once again, at the way God works.

Emma has three days left of Kindergarten. I can't beleive it. I am not ready for her to NOT be a kindergartener any more. Her teacher wrote the sweetest letter yesterday to all the parents of the kids in her class. She recounted how far they had come and it just brought me to tears. She will be going out with a bang though! On the last day of school we are having a big birthday party/ going away party at a bounce house here in town before we head to Greeneville for good. We will have a week to try to get settled into our new house before we head to Destin with my family for a week of rest and good times. I am sure I will be ready for that!

I have been listening to "Glory" by Selah today. Awesome song. Awesome God.