Thursday, May 1, 2008


Sorry it's been awhile since I have posted anything. Things have been very crazy over the last week or so. We moved out of our house last Saturday (thanks to all who gave of their time to help us with this). All of our things are in storage now until we move into our new place at the end of May. For now, we are staying with my in-laws who have graciously agreed to let us invade them with our circus for 3-4 weeks.

Emma in the U-Haul

We also enjoyed a trip to the zoo last Friday with Emma's kindergarten class. Our whole family tagged along. It was a great getaway during a stressful week. Emma held a huge beetle...gross!....but she loved it. We also experienced some of the girl drama that we had hoped would hold off at least until middle school.....the whole popular vs. unpopular's starts so young, but looks like everybody's good friends in the end. :)

I also wanted to mention that I have been reading an awesome blog that someone suggested to me. I have been reading it from the beginning, as was recommended. I feel a sense of responsibility to pass it along because I beleive there is an amazing ministry being done through it. I am reminded of how God uses all things, even the deepest suffering, to work toward good. I will warn you, you will need a some tissues, but it is well worth it. I promise, you will be inspired as you laugh and cry along with this beautiful mommy. Here's the link Bring the Rain


Adam Wallace said...

It does sound like you've been busy Courtney.

I love those pictures.

Especially the one of Emma in the moving van.

Valarie said...

I have read Angie's blog and cried all night long! It is a very inspiring story of courage and strength.

Go check out what Syd has done over at my block.