Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Daily Bread

I was putting Jackson to bed last night. We had just finished reading "A Mudpie for Mother," one of our favorites. I turned on his night time songs. I had, fresh on my mind, a humorous little skit that I had just seen about kids and asking Jesus into their heart. I felt a teaching moment coming on so we talked a little. I wasn't expecting Jackson to really grasp the idea of Jesus living in his heart at three years old, but I was attempting to plant seeds nonetheless. I told him that Jesus can actually live in your heart. I said that if Jesus lives in your heart you can be more like Him and He loves everyone so much. All we have to do is ask Him to come in there. He seemed to be thinking it over. I was anticipating his response when he looked up and said, "mommy, can Jesus live in my tummy? 'cause I'm really hungry." I am laughing out loud as I type becuase it was priceless! So much for trying to spiritually enlighten my child. I got him a string cheese stick and told him I loved him so much for who he was. Then I kissed his precious forehead and turned out the light.


Adam Wallace said...

That's cute Courtney.

Shannon said...

Moments like that are priceless! Just when you think that they are growing up and understanding certain things, they say something that makes you happy that they are just three and still your little one.