Thursday, August 21, 2008

Class of ???

This was hilarious! Go to to create yearbook photos of yourself and see what you might have looked like back in the day. I think my favorites are 1984 and 1994... Not too far from the real My real class is 1996 although I never had that hair-do. I also think that I could have donned the 60's glasses and still looked pretty good. :) Too funny! Check out the afro :D


On a more serious note, please remember Greg and Nicol Sponberg in your prayers today. They just laid their baby boy, Luke to rest this morning. For more on their story you can read Greg's blog, Light Your World. The July 29th post will give you a quick glimpse at the earth shattering turn their life has taken recently. I am deeply encouraged by the way that they hold on to the hope of Jesus in the face of such a tragedy.


Laura said...

Hi Courtney! I came over for a visit from Angie's blog. Isn't she amazing? God has done a tremendous work in her life and she is such an encouragement to me.

I love you blog!! Your children are beautiful. I can tell you have been blessed, too. And I especially loved the yearbook photos! I might hafta go out and do that myself.

Come by for a visit when you get a chance. I hope we can become blogging friends!

Laura said...

I can put aside my differences if you can! LOL!

Valarie said...

Your pictures are great!!! Isn't that just the best thing. Did you see Lisa's She did hers tonight also. She could have come from any of those ages. They all look pretty real. :)