Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It's Football Time In Tennessee!!

T - E - Double N - E - Double S - Double E - Tennesee!

V - O - L - S!



IT'S GAME DAY!! Well, Almost. Tennessee plays their season opener against UCLA Monday (Labor Day). I am really excited for football to start again although it's not quite the same as when we were in Knoxville. There you can feel football fever brewing by about mid-summer. The town quickly turns back into a sea of orange. There's always orange in Knoxville. But in the August it's everywhere.

Here, we havn't seen very much anticipation of TN football. Maybe these guys will get into it here pretty soon. The town does however have a lot of school spirit for the high school football team here in town. Their mascot is a Greene Devil. Even the ELEMENTARY school kids were wearing their green colors to school. There was some green hair and green face paint at the elementary school too in anticipation of the first game.

I know the first UT game is away, but I wish I could be there in Knoxville on Monday to be part of the hooplah anyway. I tried to get Jackson and Leah into the spirit by singing Rocky Top with them, complete with the "salute and wooooo!" thing. I got a video to share with you guys. Leah was definitely not interested but Jackson was starting to get into the spirit. :)

Oh and FYI, Just after we got this video, Leah hit my hand with a shaker and knocked my digital camera from my grip. I know you're laughing at me. It's not funny. I've had all kinds of this little crappy stuff happening to me over the last week or two. Anyway, It hit the ground pretty hard and broke into several pieces. I tried to put it back together. I was able to retrieve my video but the camera will not focus AT ALL now. I'll see if Josh can fix it. He's pretty good at putting stuff back together but cameras can be tricky. I would fully expect for this to be a pictureless blog for awhile. I'm pretty bummed about that.

Let's Go UT!


Valarie said...

Even though I am in AL and my family like Auburn, I still love me some TN football. :)
Go Vols!!!

Laura said...

This is TOO funny!! Go to my blog and see what day Alise "celebrated" at school today!! I think her teachers are conspiring against me!!

Your kiddies are so cute!!

Good luck with the camera. I hope it's okay.

Shannon said...

That is right, Valarie's family!