Thursday, August 21, 2008

More on The Shack

In the aftermath of reading The Shack, I have participated in discussion forums on the book, read reviews and even seen some YouTube video responses. I was a little shocked to see so much contreversy and negativity surrounding it, especially after enjoying it so much.

I have to tell you that in response I find a couple of things very interesting. One is that the author, William P. Young, seems to me to think a lot like Jesus in that he has what seem to be radical ideas that are very different from what most "religious" people believe to be true. He also speaks in parables like Jesus. Let me emphasize again that The Shack is a fictional Novel. A beautiful metaphor.

I am remembering how when Jesus taught with parables or metaphors he always had some real literal thinkers to deal with. Boneheads who just didn't get it because they were too busy taking what Jesus said literally to see the beauty in His teachings.

Many have called William P. Young a heretic for the things that he says in the book. If you read the book for what it is, I think that you will find very little if any fault in it. The author is well schooled in theology. I think that his ideas fall very close to that of Jesus. In fact, I think that people referring to William P. Young as a heretic is eerily reminiscent of the way that the Pharisees treated Jesus for his radical ideas.

Now, I am definitely not saying that William P. Young is on the same level as Jesus. Nor am I saying that The Shack holds the same weight as scripture. I think that you know that already but I had to say it for any of you literal thinkers out there.....boneheads! :)

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