Thursday, August 7, 2008

New Beginnings...

Emma had her first grade orientation today. We woke up around seven. She picked out an outfit from her new school clothes wardrobe. She was very excited. But, I knew that in the back of her mind she was nervous about starting a new school.

We walked into the gymnasium and she sat in the first grade line to wait for directions. She did not say a word to anyone, just stared straight ahead. I was wondering what was going through that little head of hers as I stood along the wall watching.

Someone directed the first graders to go to the library to meet and get further instructions from their teachers. When we got in there they told the children that they could either sit on the carpet or sit with their parents in the chairs. She clutched my arm and gave me a "you better not leave my side" look. I couldn't help but to thank God for that. I know that a day will come all too soon when she will want to go sit on the carpet with her friends and pretend that her mother doesn't exist. I'll bask in moments like this while I can.

We had received a post card that told us her teacher's name was Mrs. Jones. I asked her when we sat down, "Which one of those three teachers up there do you think is Mrs. Jones?" She pointed to a young, pretty woman who had a very calming personality about her. I took that to mean, "I hope that's her." Sure enough, she was right. I think that she was a little more put to ease at that point.

After some boring talk about policies and procedures we got to go and see her classroom. It was very cute. Of course there were tables with their little names already posted at their places. There was a cute little reading area with a canopy of tulle making it very princessy (I'm sure the boys weren't quite as excited about that as she was.)

We got to talk to her teacher for a moment. I had been a little concerned about the fact that Emma had been reading on a second grade level in kindergarten (I know that sounds boastful but, what can I say, my offspring are geniuses!). That, coupled with the fact that she was switching to a smaller town school system, I was worried about her getting bored and not being challenged enough. But, Mrs. Jones assured me that they would be testing everyone right off the bat. She said that she, along with all of the other first grade teachers, are very good to make sure everyone is placed in a group where they will be challenged accordingly. So, mom too, was put to ease.

All in all I would say that we had a pleasant first day experience. She will go back on Monday for the official first full day of school. Here are some pictures of her in her cute outfit, ready to go. I hope to post some more on Monday of her with her teacher and her classroom.


samantha.sapp said...

she is too cute. i could just see her little facial expressions while i read your post. i hope she knows her aunt samantha is so, so proud of her!

Adam Wallace said...


I can't believe she's in the first grade already.

Renee said...

What a big girl!