Sunday, September 7, 2008

Baby Blues and Curly Cues

First, I would like to thank my amazing parents who thought that me without a camera was contrary to the laws of nature. I think they also didn't like the idea of not getting photo updates of the grandkids. They very graciously gave us an awesome (VERY AWESOME) camera that they were no longer using very much. Did I mention that this camera is awesome? So we can again have pictures on my blog (sigh of releif). Thanks mom and dad!

Last night I decided that our family needed a round of hair cuts. Josh got the usual buzz. I trimmed around Jackson's ears and cut the dead ends from Emma's hair. I decided that Leah too needed some evening out. She has this one spot in the back of her hair that seems to grow faster than the rest so if I don't snip it now and then it looks like she is sporting a Billy Ray Cyrus redneck rat tail.

I started to trim the back and then tried to round the edges to give it a soft look. After it dried, those little curls really bounced up. I couldn't beleive how short it looked. I almost cried because I am really a long hair kinda gal. After I had a moment to adjust, I decided that she looked pretty darn cute. That's not too hard for her. Those precious baby blues make any hair style look good!


Adam Wallace said...

Those are cute pictures Courtney.

Valarie said...

Oh she is the cutest thing! Her hair looks adorable. :)

Jana said...

She is cute no matter how long her hair is.