Friday, September 19, 2008

Girls Night Out

Yesterday, after the kids were down for a nap, I sat down to receive a reflexology massage from our beloved Amanda (friend from church). What a great thing to have a friend who is schooled in massage therapy! Actually, this massage has been coming to me since Mother's Day of this year when Josh told me that he would pay for me to get a massage from Amanda. Four months later, I was finally able to set aside some time to make it happen. It you know anything about reflexology, it is based on the idea that reflex points in your feet and hands have an affect on other parts of the body. I told her to spend a lot of time on the reflex point that connects to my brain (which is much needed). That reflex point just so happens to be the big toe. It was a very relaxing massage. I was so relaxed that I had a great night's sleep last night. I should have people rub my feet more often!

Also, last night, a friend of mine, Shannon, and I got a sweet reprieve from the daily grind of life with 3 kids. We went to, what I hear, is the best mexican restaurant in Greeneville, Chihuahuas. Then we were off to Cafe Mojos only to discover that it closed at 3pm....really?...3pm? Plan B was to go to some chocolate shop but it too would be closing before we could arrive. We called a friend of ours, Julie, to see if she could meet up with us now that she was done running kids to Soccer practice. She suggested dessert at Italian Market so that is what we did. We ran into some other moms from MOPS, who were doing the same thing, before being seated. We each ordered a different decadent dessert so we could have a sampler. It's amazing how chocolate and an adult conversation can do a world of good for a mom.

Thanks be to Josh and Ken, our wonderful husbands, who watched a total of 6 kids ranging in ages from 11 months to 6 years within the walls of one household. If by chance Kevin (Julie's Husband) reads this, Josh told me to tell you that you got off the hook too easy.

Even though there was an incident with a Black Widow spider and some other things that the dads still won't share about their evening, there were no trips to the ER and all kids are alive and well. Maybe we will be able to do this again!

Here's a picture of Shannon and I. If I had been thinking I would have gotten a picture of Julie with us too but I left my camera at the house. Next time.


Adam Wallace said...
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Adam Wallace said...

I'm glad you had a good time Courtney.

Valarie said...

Girls night outs are a needed thing! I am going to have a girls day out tomorrow and go to a craft show!!