Friday, October 31, 2008

Heroes Unmasked

Here are some pictures of the kids at the "Heroes Unmasked" event at church. They played lots of carnival games, got their faces painted, made cookies and learned about Bible Heroes. Each carnival game was hosted by a different Hero.

Emma dressed as Padme or Queen Amidala from Star Wars. Jackson was Sherrif Woody from Toy Story. Leah was "Lumpy" from Winnie the Pooh's Heffalump Movie.

Once Leah got her first piece of candy, it was impossible to get her to play anymore games. She was content to sit and eat her chocolate....a girl after my own heart.

Jackson liked playing Jonah's fishing game but when his line came back with candy on it, he just looked disappointed and would say, "That's not a fish!" I guess daddy's gonna have to take him fishing for some real fish.

I couldn't even keep up with Emma. She found some friends and was off doing her own thing the whole time. I did catch up with her when she was getting a butterfly painted on her face by Queen Esther and when she was eating a cookie that she had just decorated.

The last picture is one of the kids with Goliath. They got to try to pelt him between the eyes with jumbo marshmallows.

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David G Sapp said...

The kids are Sooo... cute. Next year you will have to bring them to the Main Street Halloween Festival in Franklin. We really miss them, and especially seeing them at the holidays like this.

Love Nana & Grandpa or (Nena & Peepaw)