Friday, October 17, 2008

The Hills are Alive With the Sound of Music

I promised the next post would be more cheery and I'm making good on that promise.
If this doesn't make you laugh then there is something wrong.

Jackson and Leah love to sing at bedtime. I used to sing to them, but lately, they like to sing to me instead. I decided that all of this cuteness needed to be captured on video so that's what I did.

I also played around a little with the video editing software. I hope you like our little movie/concert!



samantha.sapp said...

oh my gosh, i'm DYING that was so cute!!

Shannon said...

That was tooo cute. They are adorable. Watch out American Idol the Beddingfields are on their way!

Valarie said...

Oh my gosh that was to cute! I remember singing Deep and Wide with Jessie when she was little! Oh and just so you know my kids don't want me singing with them either. :(

Renee said...

That was just precious.

Lisa said...

Love it! Your movie skills are awesome..... :)

Susane84 said...

Ha ha, that was incredible. Pretty much captures their personalities in about 5 minutes. Miss you guys already!