Saturday, October 25, 2008

A New Cake, New Couch, New Foyer

First of all, I would just like to say thank you to those who left comments. Although, I am still a little disappointed in those who remain silent...namely, the ones I have known the longest, my flesh and blood, the ones who brought me into this world...ya, I'm talking to you.

I think my favorite caption came from our friends from college, Chris and Renee who wrote, "Well, it is a FORD Daddy...they say it stands for 'fix or repair daily.'"

For the next caption contest, I will have to offer a grand prize or something....hmmmm, I'll have to think on that.

On to other things....

Here is a picture of my latest cake. It was made for my Father-in-law's birthday which is tomarrow. It is my first 2-tier and my first attempt at Chocolate Fondant Icing (that was a little tricky). It does have hershey bars all around the bottom layer...I bet a slice of that would be awesome warmed in the microwave.

I don't know how I got such great lighting in this picture. It was totally accidental.

Also, I have discovered a used furniture store down the street from our new house. I went in to check it out and found these things that I liked. They let me trade some other furniture that I had for these.

The little girl was not included :)

And finally, I have been working on re-painting our foyer to bring it into this decade. I forgot to take "before" pictures, but if you go here you can see the video of Jackson and Leah dancing in our foyer before it was re-done. That awful pink and white striped wallpaper had to go. I just warmed it up with some neutral paint, painted the woodwork a crisp white and hung a pretty iron wall art piece. Voila! It looks so much better.

Hope your week is spooktacular!


Shannon said...

Wow I love the new foyer and the couches. Where did you go for those? And exactly when do you have time to paint! My goodness Super Mom!

Sarah Craft said...

Courtney...I am so amazed at your cake making talent. I hope to one day taste one of your beautiful creations. I really dig the polk-a-dot cake...great work!!

Lisa said...

Cool cake, chair, sofa, paint job! You've been busy. :)


samantha.sapp said...

1. that cake is freaking awesome.
2. i love love love that chair you got. seriously. i love it. no, really.
3. i'm impressed with your makeover skills! if i had known that i would have put you to work on my house a long time ago! =)

Jana said...

To let everyone know, Mike (the father-in-law) really loved the cake. We haven't tried it in the microwave yet, but there is still this evening. The whole group last night told me to let you know the cake was awesome.

Valarie said...

The cake looks really really good!! Anything with hershey bars is good to me. :)

Courtney said...

I am glad that you guys like the cake but I have to tell you I had my first transportation disaster. You see, when you learn how to make cakes you also have to learn the best way to transport them. I tried to transport this one assembled like this and it fell over. I am sure it still tasted good but it was definitely not this pretty when it arrived at it's destination. As sick as I was about it being ruined, I am glad that it happened with family instead of some stranger.

Jana said...

When I got the cake home, I pushed the one fallen side back up, spread the chocolate icing over the top, put the candy bars back around the sides and tied it all together with the green ribbon. Everyone was impressed with your cake - 4 layers!!!

CouponAlbum said...

Love this cake, couch and foyer!! I have wonderful choice!! Lovely pictures!!