Sunday, November 30, 2008

We're Thankful For...

We're Thankful For....


Family Get-Togethers

Jumbo Turkey Legs

Big Blue Eyes



Turkey Cupcakes

My Big Red Car



Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Christmas Tree Decorating

Well, Valarie guessed it. The item missing in my last post was a picture of Leah on the wall just like Emma and Jackson's. They were taken at one year old for each child. I have Leah's but it's not framed yet. My parents usually do the framing for me as a Christmas present (hint, hint).

There was one other item missing though. I cleared a space in the corner for what?....Our Christmas Tree!

We decorated our Christmas tree. Yes, it might be a little early but we wanted to do it before we went to visit family for Thanksgiving. That way we can really jump into the Christmas spirit when we get back. :)

Fluffing the Limbs

Hanging Ornaments

Say Cheese!

Still sporting the Sheriff Woody hat from halloween

Yes, I had pizza for dinner.

Look what we did!

Home Improvements

I know you are sad to see them go, but there are no more country cottages in my living room. The wall border adorning country blue and mauve is no more. Don't worry there's still some in my kitchen for a limited time only.

Our living room is looking pretty nice with a fresh coat of paint....but there's something missing.... Can you tell what it is?

Friday, November 21, 2008

The Mother Letter Project

So, this is my second post today but I just had to spread the word about this because I think it is incredibly sweet.

A very thoughtful husband and his wife have decided not to buy into the commercialism of Christmas this year and, therefore, are making gifts for eachother this year, sending what money they would have spent to an African village where they visited this year.

And so, The Mother Letter Project has been born. It is a blog set up to compile letters of encouragement from other mothers for his wife. He is going to place all letters together into a book for his wife (and you, if you write a letter) for Christmas.

I am thinking over some things to write in my letter. So, if you have a funny mom story or some wisdom or encouragement to share, I urge you to go here and write a letter.

Pilgrims and Indians

It's snowing in East Tennessee! And it's even sticking a little! The mountains look beautiful covered in snow. This is one of the great things about living a little further East in the Mountains. You get more snow. The kids are loving it and it's got me ready to put up the Christmas decor!

Yesterday was Emma's Thanksgiving lunch at school. The whole family joined her class for a feast made in a school cafeteria. Yum, Yum. (insert sarcastic smile here). It was really cute though. Her whole class had dressed as pilgrims. She had made indian head-dresses for Josh and I to wear. She had a lot of fun having us there in her classroom.

Here are some great pictures that I got of Emma the other day. Strike a pose girl!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wednesday, November 19, 2008