Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Christmas Tree Decorating

Well, Valarie guessed it. The item missing in my last post was a picture of Leah on the wall just like Emma and Jackson's. They were taken at one year old for each child. I have Leah's but it's not framed yet. My parents usually do the framing for me as a Christmas present (hint, hint).

There was one other item missing though. I cleared a space in the corner for what?....Our Christmas Tree!

We decorated our Christmas tree. Yes, it might be a little early but we wanted to do it before we went to visit family for Thanksgiving. That way we can really jump into the Christmas spirit when we get back. :)

Fluffing the Limbs

Hanging Ornaments

Say Cheese!

Still sporting the Sheriff Woody hat from halloween

Yes, I had pizza for dinner.

Look what we did!


Valarie Lea said...

Awww they did a wonderful job!! And the looked super cute doing it. :)

Lisa said...

congrats on decorating the tree early, great inspration :)

P.S.He loves you.. said...

cute kids..cute blog and I'm looking forward to read more post..thanks for the follow on twitter!