Friday, November 21, 2008

Pilgrims and Indians

It's snowing in East Tennessee! And it's even sticking a little! The mountains look beautiful covered in snow. This is one of the great things about living a little further East in the Mountains. You get more snow. The kids are loving it and it's got me ready to put up the Christmas decor!

Yesterday was Emma's Thanksgiving lunch at school. The whole family joined her class for a feast made in a school cafeteria. Yum, Yum. (insert sarcastic smile here). It was really cute though. Her whole class had dressed as pilgrims. She had made indian head-dresses for Josh and I to wear. She had a lot of fun having us there in her classroom.

Here are some great pictures that I got of Emma the other day. Strike a pose girl!


Valarie Lea said...

Emma is so beautiful!

Its so crazy though, I can see you in her, but alot of times its like looking at Josh with hair! Hmmm I wonder if I can find THAT photo. I wont put it on the internet, I will just give it to you for leverage if you ever need it. :)

Todd Grainger said...

I love the fact that the school still does the Pilgrim/Indian thing. Seems like more and more of the kids I get don't have that as an elementary experience. What a loss. I am looking forward to that experience with Luke.

Oh, we gotta go camping soon!!

Renee said...

Looks like a fun family outing, minus the school food :)

Emma is looking so big and is such a beautiful little girl.

Hope to see you all this weekend at Phillip Fulmer Day.

Renee said...

Oh, and do you have Grainger's and Teresa's email? Chris and I want to send them an invite over to our blog but don't have their email...saw he had a posting here...thanks!