Tuesday, December 23, 2008

"A Picture Perfect Christmas"

As promised, here are some pictures from our Church's Children's Christmas Program. They called it "A Picture Perfect Christmas". Earlier in the week the kids dressed up as manger scene characters and took some pictures. As the kids sang, the pictures where displayed on the big screen telling the story of Jesus' birth. Really Cute!

As we were walking out on stage Jackson told me to "Cue the lights". :) Leah did some really cute twirling on stage and then proceeded to pick a fight with another little girl her age in the middle of the show. I knew the kids had not had a nap that day (they had been traveling). I tried to be easy going with them as to not "set them off" but they were definitely out of hand by the end of the show.

In this next picture you can see Emma pretty good. She is standing next to her cousing Becca, who was in town for the holidays. Becca made a guest appearance in the show.

Notice how Jackson, in this next picture, is hanging up-side-down on my lap (right side). In practice, he had been so cute singing and having a good time, but when he got up there in front of all of those people, he would not face the front and he tried to head butt me, hit me, pick his nose, turn up-side-down and mess up my hair.

We had a visit from Santa Claus and the "no nap factor" reared it's ugly head again. I'm pretty sure if that was the real Santa, he marked my kid's off his list.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Programs

Here are some pictures of Emma's School Christmas Program. They sang "Jingle Bells", "Frosty the Snowman" and "This Little Light of Mine" in Spanish. It was really cute. They even had one of the teachers dress up as a Spanish looking Frosty. Emma is in the front row in a red shirt and black hat.

Mimi got to come see the performance and Emma's classroom.

Emma also spent some time "giving" for the holidays. Her class took a field trip to a local nursing home where they blessed the residents with Christmas Carols, even some of the Spanish ones. They passed out presents, which were socks, to the residents. After the performance in the dining hall and passing out the gifts there, they went to some of the rooms of people who could not make it out of their beds to see them sing. They all piled into one room and were then escorted right back out. I heard the director of the nursing home say, "I am so sorry." Apparently they walked in on someone using the potty. Even with that little mishap, the trip was such a blessing to all who participated.

In this picture, all of the children were visiting a man in his room. The teacher asked the man if he would like for the children to sing to him. He misunderstood and started to sing himself. It was simply magical. All 25 kids got so quiet that you could've heard a pin drop. They just listened to him sing to them. I didn't recognize the Christmas song but it was beautiful. I even got a little teary eyed. The teacher looked at me and I looked at her as if to say "Wow! That was amazing". The children came there to give to that man but he ended up giving back to them something that was very special. If that doesn't get you in the Christmas spirit, I don't think anything will folks.

Still to come are pictures from the our church Christmas program which will be this Sunday evening.

As a side note, this is the exchange Jackson and I have had many, many times this week. :)

Jackson: Do you know what Christmas is mom?

Me: What is it Jackson?

Jackson: It's Jesus' Birthday. Everybody loves birthdays!

Hope you are enjoying the party and remembering who the guest of honor is.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

She'll Drink Anything

The other day we were having breakfast when Leah opens the fridge and pulls out a can of Slimfast....the Low-Carb Diet kind. I have had these for awhile. I bought them quite awhile back when trying to be good, but soon after trying one, I decided that I would rather drink snot....no, not really, but they are pretty bad. I like the regular Slim Fast that you mix up yourself, but drinking it from a can is gross. Not to mention, when you take the Carbs out, it's like drinking cardboard.

I'm thinking to myself....
a) I am never going to drink that!
b) Leah will ususally eat/drink anything.
c) There are lots of vitamins in these things.

So, I check the expiration date and hand it over. Don't call the authorities. I'm not putting my 2 year old on a diet. Just add it to the other crazy things that she likes and I let her eat or drink...like Salsa and Coffee and Miller Genuine Draft... just kidding on that last one. I had you for a minute though, didn't I?

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Parade

Sunday we went to see the Christmas parade here in town. Emma got to ride the float with Winter & Co. Dance Studio where she takes dance classes. We bundled her up in her long johns and her Red dance studio hoodie.

She needed a black hat. Josh had two of them. One was North Face and one was Carhardt. I told him to let her where the North Face one because it was more cool. He laughed at me and said something like, "we're in small town East TN now, Carhardt trumps North Face". Who would've thunk it?!

I hate that this first picture didn't turn out very well. She looks so cute!

Jackson and Leah had a blast picking up candy that was thrown from the floats. They enjoyed seeing the marching bands, fire engines, Dora, the Grinch, Elmo and, of course, the big man himself, Santa.

Monday, December 1, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!

It's snowing here!!! I'm talking blizzard kinda snow! I havn't seen this kind of snow since I was living in Iowa.

Emma and Jackson are loving it! They are outside right now making a snowman with Josh. Leah is napping but I am hoping she will be up soon to take part.

It looks so pretty!