Thursday, December 11, 2008

She'll Drink Anything

The other day we were having breakfast when Leah opens the fridge and pulls out a can of Slimfast....the Low-Carb Diet kind. I have had these for awhile. I bought them quite awhile back when trying to be good, but soon after trying one, I decided that I would rather drink, not really, but they are pretty bad. I like the regular Slim Fast that you mix up yourself, but drinking it from a can is gross. Not to mention, when you take the Carbs out, it's like drinking cardboard.

I'm thinking to myself....
a) I am never going to drink that!
b) Leah will ususally eat/drink anything.
c) There are lots of vitamins in these things.

So, I check the expiration date and hand it over. Don't call the authorities. I'm not putting my 2 year old on a diet. Just add it to the other crazy things that she likes and I let her eat or Salsa and Coffee and Miller Genuine Draft... just kidding on that last one. I had you for a minute though, didn't I?


P.S.He loves you.. said...

Your so right about the taste..and I don't either but neither would the kids..except yours of course, she's a cutie!

Renee said...

very funny post! she is so stinking cute!

Valarie Lea said...

Yuck :{ She is so stinkin cute drinking that nasty stuff though :)