Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Dancing Queens

We went to watch Emma dance this morning at the half-time of a basketball game. The girls did really awesome considering they have only learned half of the dance which they will also be performing at their recital in April. Their CD kept skipping but it didn't phase them. They just kept right on dancing. They all looked so cute in their bright orange sequin costumes. It reminded me of my orange sequin wearing days at UT.

After the dancing, Emma had a birthday party at the skating rink to attend. It was just me and Emma since Leah went to Mimi's for the weekend and Jackson went to another basketball game with Josh. (There were some kids from Josh's youth group playing).

I decided to just sit and watch Emma skate with her friends as to not embarass her. As I sat there I kept thinking about my pre-teen years. I spent just about every Friday night at the skating rink. I had cool white roller skates with hot pink wheels. My parents would drop me off at the rink where I would skate and dance the night away with friends.

After reminiscing awhile, I couldn't stand it. I went up to the skate counter and asked for some size 8's. After all, what good are parents if you can't embarass your kids? Plus, I just had to see if I still had all my moves.

I did.

I skated for a little while with Emma, trying to teach her a few tricks, before I realized that almost 20 years and a few extra pounds makes your feet less forgiving of the time spent on wheels.


P.S.He loves you.. said...

Good for you!
I went recently ice skating and like you as a youngster I could "skate circles" around others..that was not the case this time feet refused while my hope to relive my youth faded away quickly!

Any how funny how our parents warned us not to be in a hurry to grow up.

She looks so cute..and so does your blog design.

Valarie Lea said...

My fear of falling keeps me out of those things. The extra pounds don't feel so good hitting the skating rink floor. :)

Tell her she sure looks cute in her dance costume.

Anonymous said...

Peace be with you

Jana said...

I saw the video of Emma's dance over on her blog. She was awesome. They have come a long way since I watched practice before Christmas.

She already looks like a pro on roller skates. She must get that from her Mimi - (teehee)

So, how many bruises did you come home with from your skate outing?

Courtney said...

Jana ~ No bruises. I didn't fall once. I'm telling you, I'm a pro! :)

Amanda said...

Great pictures! Your a good mom to always travel with a camera! LOL I am terrible!

Thank you for entering the giveaway at Beautiful Blog Designs last week.

Lisa said...

Dang! I wish I could skate.
I always feel the groove and want to get up and skate at the skating rink, but I just don't have the skills.

I'll bet Emma did great at the basketball game.

I need to find Emma's blog addy again so I can watch the video.

Love y'all, Lisa