Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Jackson is 4 Today!

4 years ago today our lives were blessed by a bouncing baby boy. At 6lbs 11 oz. he was just a little thing, but we were all so proud of him, especially his big sister.

3 days later we went home from the hospital following up the next day with the pediatrician. I'll never forget when Dr. Joe looked in Jackson's mouth and saw blisters on the back of his tongue. A look of concern flooded his face and he immediately left to get another doctor to look at the sores. Within 10 minutes we were being given instructions to go immediately to Children's Hospital to be admitted. At the time, I was obviously concerned but ignorant to the possibilities that lay before my baby boy.

Jackson had, what is referred to as, Coxsackie Virus. You've probably had it before. It is a common cold accompanied by sores in the mouth. It can also present as "Hand, Foot and Mouth". For us, it's not such a big deal but to a newborn it can be deadly. The virus can easily spread to the cardiac muscle of a newborn causing fluid to build around the heart and ultimately, heart failure.

We stayed at Children's Hospital for 24 hours for close observation. The Lab Tech who came to draw Jackson's blood looked terrified. He said that he had never drawn blood from a baby that small (Way to put the mom at ease). Most babies, that small, who are sick, never leave the hospital where they were born. The people at Children's hospital were used to dealing with older infants and children. Jackson and I cried together as they drew what seemed like an enormous amount of blood from his tiny arm. We were discharged only after taking an Infact CPR class and being given a heart monitor that Jackson would have to wear for the next 2 months.

By God's grace, Jackson did just fine. He was monitored by a pediatric cardiologist who gave him a clean bill of health at 2 months old.

For all that he went through in the first precious days of his life, you would never know it now. He has the energy level of 10 four year olds. Like any little boy, he can be pretty ornery sometimes, but he has a lot of love to give and I can't imagine life without his sweet face.

Jackson, I am so happy you're here. You're momma loves you bunches!

Happy Birthday Buddy.


Renee said...

Happy Birthday Jackson! It looks like your mommy made you an awesome dinosaur cake, and your t-shirt is too funny. Hope it is a great 4th buddy.

Love, Chris and Renee

Valarie Lea said...

Happy Birthday Jackson!!!! Your Aunt Valarie loves you!! :)

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday Jackson! You are a special little boy... :)

Your birthday cake looks awesome!!!

Love, Aunt Lisa