Thursday, January 22, 2009

Just Practicing For Mardi Gras!

You may remember I did a "name that photo" thing a few posts ago for this photo...

Good comments. My favorite comment was from my friend Stacie who wrote,

"just practicing for mardi gras!"

Made me giggle.

I'm going to have to get my "girl gone wild" under control, I guess.
No more flashing for beads! :)

Thanks Stacie! You win bragging rights!

Take a look at this next picture. Think I might have passed on my nail-biting habit?


Adam Wallace said...

Those were cute pictures courtney.

Stacie said...

they are adorable... and i love my bragging rights!

Alexandra {{Awareness Warrior}} said...

Hi, Courtney. I saw your comment about your problem with GIMP on MckMama's blog and wanted to try my hand at helping you out.

It appears you're saving the photos in the wrong file format.

.XCF, which is probably the format you saved it in, is so that you can preserve the "layers" etc, so that you can open it back up with GIMP and work on it later. Nothing will be able to recognize it but GIMP.

What you want to do, is save it as ".JPG", ".PNG", or ".GIF". ".JPG" is the main file format, best for most photos. Any "transparency" will be converted to white. If you want it to remain transparent, use ".PNG". If you want your layers to play one after the other in an animation, you want to use ".GIF".

Hope this helps =)


P.S. If you have other questions check out GIMP Talk. It's users range from "newbies" to people who make money off of their GIMP creations. They have loads of tutorials, and whatever you don't find there you can ask about in the "help" section of the forum.