Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Thoughts on Inauguration

I've been watching a bit of the inaguration coverage. It's incredible to be watching such a historical day. I am excited for the Obama's. I'm celebratory for our nation and yet, I also feel a burden to pray feverently for our country.

I know that president Bush's popularity declined rapidly towards the end of his presidency, but I believe that he is a good hearted man who did a good job, given the circumstances, leading our country. (If you feel the urge to argue with me on this point, please don't)

I have always loved Laura Bush and count her among the few famous people that I would really love to meet and have a conversation with. I think she is very classy and sincere.

I wish both George and Laura Bush the best and thank them for their service. I pray that Obama is treated with more respect than Bush has been over the last 8 years.

I was just listening to Emma and her friend have a conversation about the new president. This is how it went:

Emma: There's the new president on T.V.

Her friend: I don't really like the new president.

Emma: Why? I voted for him. (They had a mock election at school)

Her friend: I just don't.

Emma: He's the first black skinned president. But I would not have voted for a woman president because I want to be the first woman president.

She's a smart one, that girl is.

Reminds me of another story about my dad. He ran for class president in either Junior High or High school. I can't remember. His last name is Sapp. So he made signs to hang in the bathroom stalls that said, "Don't Crap, Vote for Sapp". Yes he did. He didn't win. I would've voted for you dad....just for the awesome signs. LOL. We still love you dad. :)

Happy Inaguration day everybody!


Valarie Lea said...

Oh my goodness the sign!!

Sarah Craft said...

Happy Inauguration day to you, too! I am so proud our country is able to overcome the tragedy of our past. Hopefully this election will help bring an end to bigotry and racism in America. Yeah us, and hooray for our future.

P.S.He loves you.. said...

Your girl is a smart cookie!