Tuesday, March 31, 2009

TN Aquarium

We got to spend the Friday before Spring Break with Josh's parents. We headed to Chattanooga to check out the TN Aquarium. The kids had a great time and tolerated the long day pretty well.

Here is Josh, Emma and Jackson. They crawled through a small tunnell up inside a fish tank that had all the characters from the movie "Finding Nemo" in it

Here is Jackson Finding Nemo

Here is Jackson with a great big shark right behind his head. He didn't realize the shark was right there but the look on his face would make you think otherwise. Lol.

Here are the 3 kids in the Butterfly Garden

Here is Emma with her dad and papa at the sting-ray tank where you could touch sting-rays

Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's Positively Positive!

Behold the Lamb of God, who makes new life begin!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

This Tough Girl Got A Shiner

Well, Leah got her first shiner. If you know Leah, you would think that she would be proudly sporting this after a standoff with a child 3 times her age. Not this time, though. She and Jackson just knocked heads accidentally.

I don't know how many more of these will come in the future, but I do know one thing. I don't have to worry about my baby girl backing down. That girl can definitely stand her ground.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Emma was a little worried today that she would never learn how to do a handstand. Josh and I showed her that she could practice by kicking her legs and using the wall to help her balance. She tried about a dozen times before she could actually stay up. When she did it, she was so excited. I told her to hold that pose so I could grab the camera. Just look at that face!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Friday Funnies - Gotta Love The Kiddos

I'm linking up for Friday Funnies at Run A Muck. This blog belongs to the cute and lucky mommy of The Mother Letter Project.
So, here are a few of the hilarious happenings that have gone down in our house this week.


Monday night.

Me: Emma come here and let me pull your hair back so I can take you to dance class.

Emma: You have to get your shoes on mom. You're wearing your house shoes.

Me: I know, I know. I will. Or maybe I'll just wear my house shoes to take you to dance, I mean they aren't the real fuzzy ones, I doubt anyone would even notice.

A few minutes pass as I brush and fix Emma's hair.....

Emma: Mom, will you please put some regular shoes on.

Seriously, she shouldn't be old enough to be embarassed by me yet.


Tuesday afternoon.

Leah walks into the living room after putting on one of her sister's pretty dress-up dresses. She walks ever so sweetly up to Jackson and says with a warm smile...

Leah: Jackson, do you want to dance with me? I'm a beautiful princess.

Jackson turns his back to her and starts to walk in the other direction. Leah grabs his arm, smacks him on the head and says...


Such a timid little flower, that one is. :)


Wednesday night.

Josh decides, since he has had a pretty busy week with very little family time, that he will let one of the kids sleep in our bed. Since Jackson was the only one still awake when he decides this, he brings Jackson downstairs to our bedroom and they turn in for the night. (I am in the living room watching T.V.) Josh said that Jackson kept tossing and every time he would move, Josh would lovingly rub Jackson's back and forehead. Finally Jackson sits up and with a heavy sigh he matter of factly says....

Jackson: If you go to sleep, I'll go to sleep.


Hope these were good for a laugh or two. They were for us! Happy Friday!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Little Wonders

If you know me at all, you know that I have become addicted to the TV show LOST. I did not watch the first 3 seasons on TV. But, when I was on maternity leave after giving birth to Leah, I realized that ABC.com had all 3 of the first seasons available online to watch for free.

Once I watched the first episode, I was hooked. I actually burned up the hard-drive on my laptop from running so much video in such a short amount of time on my computer. (Since Josh works on computers in his spare time, I just changed out the burnt up one for another recenly repaired laptop).

I knew, from doing some research on LOST online, that it was a show centered around time travel theories although that had not really become obvious until this, the 5th, season. There's something about trying to wrap your mind around some of these unfathomable theories that is just so interesting.

Many "Losties" joke that they are always lost after watching the show because of the many plot twists and unanswered questions. But since I am not a genius physicist, I am also quite lost when it comes to the science of these time travel theories....

and I LOVE it.

I love trying to figure out this that is so mind boggling.

Maybe I need some "perspective".

Perspective actually did come... directly from my 6 year old.

Emma got a new DVD for Valentine's Day from my mom and dad called "Meet the Robinson's". It's a really cute movie that also centers around the theme of time travel.

Apparently, this subject is fascinating at any age because I have been asked numerous questions about it by Emma.

What exactly is a time machine?

How does it work?

When will they build a time machine that works?

Of course I have very little in the way of answers for these questions. I just tell her that no one has figured out how to do it without dying in the process yet.

I guess that I expected all of these questions, but what I didn't expect was this statement that came next.

"Mom, when they figure out how to make a time machine, I want to go back in time and see Mema Carolyn. Because I really want to see her".

Mema Carolyn is my maternal grandmother who was killed by a drunk driver about 12 years ago. I often think about how unfair it is that because of a incredibly irresponsible human being, Emma and her grandmother (who would have loved her more than I could ever say) never met.

When Emma said this to me, we were driving in the car. I couldn't help but tear up. I told her that I know that Mema would love to see her too.

Emma, If they ever do figure out how to make a time machine, I wouldn't mind going with you on that trip.

Even so, if they don't, it won't matter much....

It won't matter, because this earth is not the end. We can look forward to seeing our dear loved ones again one day, thanks to the hope of Christ. What peace comes from resting in that very hope. Pondering the wonder of His ways is even more fascinating than time travel.

Thank you Lord.