Thursday, March 5, 2009

Friday Funnies - Gotta Love The Kiddos

I'm linking up for Friday Funnies at Run A Muck. This blog belongs to the cute and lucky mommy of The Mother Letter Project.
So, here are a few of the hilarious happenings that have gone down in our house this week.


Monday night.

Me: Emma come here and let me pull your hair back so I can take you to dance class.

Emma: You have to get your shoes on mom. You're wearing your house shoes.

Me: I know, I know. I will. Or maybe I'll just wear my house shoes to take you to dance, I mean they aren't the real fuzzy ones, I doubt anyone would even notice.

A few minutes pass as I brush and fix Emma's hair.....

Emma: Mom, will you please put some regular shoes on.

Seriously, she shouldn't be old enough to be embarassed by me yet.


Tuesday afternoon.

Leah walks into the living room after putting on one of her sister's pretty dress-up dresses. She walks ever so sweetly up to Jackson and says with a warm smile...

Leah: Jackson, do you want to dance with me? I'm a beautiful princess.

Jackson turns his back to her and starts to walk in the other direction. Leah grabs his arm, smacks him on the head and says...


Such a timid little flower, that one is. :)


Wednesday night.

Josh decides, since he has had a pretty busy week with very little family time, that he will let one of the kids sleep in our bed. Since Jackson was the only one still awake when he decides this, he brings Jackson downstairs to our bedroom and they turn in for the night. (I am in the living room watching T.V.) Josh said that Jackson kept tossing and every time he would move, Josh would lovingly rub Jackson's back and forehead. Finally Jackson sits up and with a heavy sigh he matter of factly says....

Jackson: If you go to sleep, I'll go to sleep.


Hope these were good for a laugh or two. They were for us! Happy Friday!


Amber@theRunaMuck said...

Courtney, I am so glad you've recorded this stuff. These are not only funny, but they're also wonderful glimpses into who your children are. If you're like me, you wouldn't remember this if you didn't write it down.

Thanks for joining in. Real life is funny - at least looking back.

Amber@theRunaMuck said...

Don't forget to leave your link on the blog. It's too good to not share.

Jana said...

That was too funny. Thanks, I needed that. Leah is definitely one of a kind.

Renee said...

Very funny!

Mylestones said...

Courtney, very cute stories. Our kids are definitely the best source for comedic material!

Valarie Lea said...

I just love those kids! :)

Jane Anne said...

This was fun to read. LOL at the one where your daughter smacked you little boy and said it was time to dance! That one really cracked me up.