Friday, May 15, 2009

CPO Awards

We had the end of the school year banquet for the CPO (Christian Parent Outreach) program at our church. It's kind of like our Mother's Day Out.

They sang "Happy Birthday" to all the kids with summer birthdays. When Leah got up there she was just so proud to be the center of attention. Her beaming smile got the whole room laughing. Her joy for life is simply contagious.

Then it was awards time. Jackson & Leah went up together to get their awards. Miss Sandra told a story about how the CPO grannies turned around during play time and found Leah stripped down to nothing but a tiara and a bracelet at the dress up station.

Miss Sandra also told about how Jackson tried to outsmart the CPO grannies by putting himself in a self imposed time-out so that he would not have to help pick up blocks during clean up time. Jackson did not like Miss Sandra telling this story so he covered his ears.

Then all of the children entertained us with their instruments.

Before we left I caught Jackson pulling a pretty little gal into the corner and trying to kiss her. Oh dear.


mike and lexa ennis said...

Courtney -

Sorry its taken so long to respond. It was so good to hear from you on my blog and to see your beautiful family. What amazing pics! LOVE them!! My boy is now 18mos and I can't believe how fast these little blessings grow right before our eyes!

Let's keep in touch! - Lexa :)

Renee said...

Love those pictures of Leah and her expression with the birthday song, just precious.

And, Jackson already chasing the ladies - oh dear is right :)

Hope you and baby Lou Lou are still doing well.