Monday, June 8, 2009

Church Camp Initiation

Emma just got back from her first week of church camp ever. Josh and I have been working with youth for many years and have seen the huge impact that summer camp has had on the young people. So, it was so exciting to see our own daughter get to take part. When I attended the services, I was so proud of Emma. She would get up and pray with all of her friends at the end of the service. Her demeanor reflected compassion and sincerity. I can't wait to see what God has in store for this little girl. I know that she is going to serve in mighty ways!

Here she is on her bunk at camp.

There is a tradition that consists of all the kids eating ice cream with an insane amount of toppings out of a gutter. They call this little tradition "Gutter Goo". Here is Emma enjoying.

Here she is going down the huge homemade slip 'n' slide with her daddy (Josh was one of the camp counselors for the boys)

This was taken in the midst of a shaving cream fight. I think this is a mandatory activity at all church camps. :)

After church camp, we celebrated her 7th birthday on Saturday. Is it possible that this sweet girl is seven? Doesn't seem like it. She is now enjoying some summertime fun for a week at her Nana & Grandpa's house. I'm sure she is having a blast building a play fort with her grandpa, but I'm ready to have her home for awhile.

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Renee said...

Emma - Happy 7th Birthday! You are growing up and starting to look like such a big girl. Glad you had fun at camp and love the picture of you on the slip n slide with your daddy. Hope you have big fun with your grandparents!

Courtney - Are you sure your sweet baby girl is 7? That is just nuts! :) I still remember a trip to see you guys, that seems like not so long ago, where she and I played dolls and we played driving to the store (or was it milking the cows - ha!)