Thursday, July 9, 2009

Oh, The Wonderful Month of June!

Gosh, I was sitting here trying to think what all has happened since I last posted. I'm realizing that I have neglected my blog for too long. I have much catching up to do.

Lets see... Well, Emma turned 7 years old on June the 6th. We had a wonderful birthday party here at the neighborhood pool. We were a little worried about the weather since it had been storming so much, but turns out we had a perfect little window of sunshine during the exact 2 hours of her party. We had a great turnout with family and friends from church, school and our neighborhood.

We celebrated many other June birthdays and visited with a lot of family including my grandmother, grandfather and cousin from Missouri, Josh's family in Alabama, as well as my brother and sister-in-law & their youngins from Texas. This was all before rounding out the month with Leah's 3rd birthday on June 3oth. She also had a pool party, but her's was at her mimi and papa's neighborhood pool. With cousins from Texas in town, a great time was had by all!

We also attended our big 20 week ultrasound for baby #4. It's always so amazing to see those little ones with all working parts in place and still so tiny. We received confirmation that we were, in fact, having a boy. This led us to decide on the name James Noah. This was a huge compromise as Josh was insistent that the little guy have a "J" name while I was really a fan of "Noah". So, he did get a "J" first name but we will call him by his middle name, Noah. As far as the ultrasound could tell he appeared to be a very healthy 10 oz. boy.

We celebrated a great fourth of July by first attending the annual neighborhood 4th of July parade at Mimi and Papa's neighborhood. Emma, Jackson & Leah, along with their cousins decorated all their "go-gos" with flags and streamers. Leah enjoyed riding "back seat" on her new Barbie 4-wheeler. It was a birthday present that she doesn't really care to drive. Finally, we returned home for a spectacular fireworks display and picnic put on by some dear friends from our church.

The month of June was a memorable one! Now we are enjoying some much needed rest. Especially momma, who thinks Noah is going through a big growth spurt!

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