Saturday, August 29, 2009

Psalm 37 according to Beth Moore

Last night I got the chance to attend a Living Proof Live simulcast with some girls from my church. It was a 2 day event. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the second day. But...I thought I would post some of my notes from last night anyway. I'm not the best note taker but...this was pretty good stuff from Ms. Beth Moore.


Psalm 37 - In original Hebrew it was written so that each line began with each letter of the alphabet. Why was it written that way? So that it would be easy to memorize. Hint, Hint.

theodicy - God of Justice. Read Psalm 9, Psalm 73 and Job. We all go through a season where we struggle with the question: Is God Good? God is just. He LOVES justice.

On the first night we received 3 of 7 facts that Beth came up with regarding Psalm 37:4. Look at whole Psalm but narrow in on 37:4, which says...

"Delight yourselves in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart"

Fact #1: Nothing dictates our lives like our desires
- people do what they want to
- God is not a dictator
- desire is not a bad thing - it give us zeal for life
- a craving is an unattended to legitimate desire
- our prayer should be: protect us from everything EXCEPT from your glory
- Psalm 38:9 says "All my longings lie open before you
- We disconnect our desires from our religion until we lose all passion
- a legitimate heart's desire necessitates a wait. It is a sustained
longing, unaffected by mood, time or circumstance

Fact #2: Beneath the desires of our hearts is the heart of our desires.
- if you have not received the desire of your heart, something us up.
Glory is at stake.
- What is present in the absence?
- God does not say "no" flippantly
- He sees the end from the beggining
- every desire implies something we lack
- often if we move our delight to center on God, our desires will shift a bit

Fact #3: Delighting in God adapts our desires into inevitabilities
- Psalm 37:23 - the delight is reciprocated
- man's delight (ps 37:4) a feeling of extreme pleasure
& satisfaction, wonder, awe
- to sport - outpouring joy (like at a football game)
- "venti joy w/ an extra shot"
- on sharing faith - "God grant me a heart that delights in you"
- When a 2 month old smiles at you and you finally have a connection.
What joy! God has been smiling down on us our whole lives.
Joy is when we finally smile back at him and connect.
If joy is a smile, then delight is a laugh.
- delight = sensitivity to God, to worship
- He will only & always give us the heart of our desires
- God's delight (ps. 37:23) to move toward, to take pleasure in

This world is too depressing for delight? God sees it ALL.

He sees the most horrible evil in the darkest places.

He sees the mother teaching her toddler "Jesus loves me, this I know"....

He delights......

He sees, out 90,000 people at 516 locations, one woman and her desires.....

And He delights....

I have friends taking notes today. I can't wait to read about her other 4 points on this Psalm!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Don't Know if I Remember How To Do This...

So sorry friends.... I really should be keeping up with this a little better.

Well, we are settling into another school year. Emma has enjoyed getting back into the swing of things. She is in second grade this year and was excited to have some of her good friends from 1st grade in her class this year.

Jackson has started pre-school. I have to say that I could not be any happier with how it is going. We have been incredibly blessed with a wonderful teacher. She and Jackson get along great. Jackson takes great pride in going to school. Josh says he watched him this morning as he put away his backpack, got out his "take home" notebook and put it in the tray where it goes each day. He is learning the routine and doing very well. One of the assistant teachers told me today that she had fallen in love with Jackson and that they had nicknamed Jackson "The Class Flirt". Of course, this did not surprise Josh or I. Jackson definitely knows how to find the pretty girls. Such a ladies man.

On a more serious note, I humbly ask for your prayers for our family as we are going through a rough patch. We know that God is in control, but it is not always easy to wait for Him to reveal his plan to us. Pray that we will make good decisions in the following weeks and that we would have peace, patience and faith that the Lord will provide for our needs. Thank you friends.