Sunday, October 18, 2009

Photo Sessions

I hate taking the kids to cheap photography studios that have left me feeling disappointed and frustrated. I also hate the price tag of those wonderful photographers out there even though their work is usually gorgeous and painless for the kids and I. But, after one last straw last year at one of those cheapy places, I vowed never again to take the kids to any such place. Since then, I have been studying a bit about aperture, shutter speed and other such photography subjects. I have always loved taking pictures but now I am just making an attempt to be knowledgeable about the subject. I won't say that I am anywhere near professional yet but I have been very satisfied with some shots that I have taken over the last few months with the kids. I got a few great shots of each of them. Shots that are frame worthy and came without any tears - major accomplishment! I can't wait for baby Noah to get here so that we can get some great sweet baby shots of him too.


Stacie said...

those are great pictures, courtney! i need to learn more about our camera, too, instead of just leaving everything on "auto." glad to hear all is almost well.

Renee said...

Those are great!

Bonnie Widmaier said...

great pictures courtney. i am so with you on the not putting yourself or the kids through the torture of studio photos. been there done that...not fun! keep up the good work!