Thursday, April 22, 2010


My little Leah has been sick over the past couple of days with a 102+ temp. No other symptoms just a temp. Is it awful that I kind of enjoy the time together when they are sick? I mean, of course, I want them to feel better. But I love the hours of precious snuggle time that you have with them when they are sick. You just don't get too much of that when they are well. They would rather be off playing with their siblings or friends somewhere. I love how they actually want to be in your lap when they are sick... and to be rocked... and to have their little heads stroked. I feel like I'm in my element as a mother when they are sick, doing all I can to make it easier for them. I realize this might be a bit selfish.... okay a lot selfish. I definitely will be glad when she feels better but, until then, I will enjoy every moment of mommy snuggles I can get.

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