Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Works For Me Wednesday - Summer Pajamas

I'm sneaking this post in on Wednesday in order to participate in a blog carnival on the We Are That Family blog, one of my favorites! The blog carnival is called Works For Me Wednesday. It's a great place for mom's to share tips on cleaning, cooking, organizing, anything to make life a little easier. I have wanted to participate in this carnival for a long time but I rarely think of any clever tips to share... except this one. It's been on my mind since last fall but it's kind of seasonal so I had to wait till spring to share it. Pretty sad that I have only come up with one tip in 6 months time. haha. Oh well, here it is.

My idea helps when spring rolls around and it's time to put away the kids' fleece pajamas and replace them with cooler summer jammies. Instead of buying all new complete summer sets, I simply pack away all of the long sleeve tops but keep the pants to these sets in my childrens' drawers. I buy a package of white t-shirts for the boys or white cami tops for the girls to couple with the pre-existing pants. It's an inexpensive way to transform their pajama wardrobe from cold weather pajamas to warm weather pajamas in a flash.

Hop on over to the We Are That Family blog for more Works For Me Wednesday Tips!


mindingmomma said...

That's a good transitional idea, we just chop off legs and arms around here until it gets so hot we just sleep in tank tops, but thanks for reminding us to slow down and enjoy a few of those cool evenings.

shannon brewer said...

great idea!

Grace Wheeler said...

This is a GREAT idea! Why cant I ever think of this stuff?! It certainly sounds like it makes life a little easier! Thanks for sharing...and for stopping by my blog!

House Queen said...

Hey there! Just found ya at the BlogFrog! I am a Tennessee gal meeting other TN bloggers! Yeah./..we use the pants all year long here too! No need to waste them! You have an adorable family...Look forward to getting to know ya better! Hope you have a most fabulous week!