Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Beautiful Beginning

A couple of years ago, God asked us to make a leap of faith.

He asked us to move from a town that we loved, with family near, to a small community nestled in the mountains....with no Target or Starbucks! Talk about sacrifices! :) For the record, we adore our little community nestled in the mountains.

Although, I was pretty excited about the adventure God had placed before us, I couldn't help but be concerned about a few things. One of which was the questionable future of my second born.

At the time, Emma was in the middle of Kindergarten. The teacher she had, Mrs. C, was absolutely amazing. You know when someone asks you which teacher had the most profound impact on your life? This was her. Truly gifted and serving within her God-given calling.

Jackson, about 3 at the time, was all too quickly approaching school-age himself. He was a very energetic little boy. Still is. But, knowing how some people view hyperactivity as a behavior problem, I was greatly concerned about his initial experiences in school. Would he have a teacher that could channel his energy in a positive way? Or would we end up being called on a regular basis because he wasn't being good and sitting quietly in a chair like the other children?

I knew that if he was in Mrs. C's class, it wouldn't be a problem. She was exactly the kind of person that I wanted to guide him through his first year of school.

Imagine my concern about Jackson when we decided to make the move to a new church in a new town. We had to let go of the notion that Jackson would spend his first year of school under the instruction of the same wonderful teacher that Emma had. Not knowing now what kind of person Jackson's first teacher would be, the questions lingered in my mind.... Would Jackson's education end up being a sacrifice in order to answer this call?.... Would he end up hating school as a result of the move?... Are we doing the right thing by Jackson?

Today, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the father's love and answer to prayer.

Today, we attended Jackson's Pre-school awards day. I have kind of been an emotional wreck today. In a few quiet moments of reflection I have once again been awestruck by my Jesus. I can see now how God has taken care of our Jackson.

If you could have seen the pride on his face today as he sang with his classmates. He was loving school. If you could meet his Pre-K teacher and see that she, like Mrs. C, is one of those teachers that I'm sure Jackson will always remember. She, too, is definitely living out her calling. She has truly instilled a love of learning in Jackson and for that I am utterly grateful.

Thank you Lord, for peering deep into the heart of this mother and blessing both me and my children beyond that which we deserve. Thank you for answered prayers. May this child, and all my children grow to love you more each day.

Mrs. L: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We could never put into words how grateful we are for what you have done for our child (here I go crying again) We love you and we anticipate seeing the same little light in Leah's eyes next year!

Each child received a candy bar award. Jackson received the "Pop Rocks Award" because he is so "bouncy." :)

Emma also had her awards day last week. She received the " Pixie Stix" award for being "sweet and petite"


Shannon said...

I have to agree completely. She is the greatest teacher. God has called her to teach Pre-school children and He is blessing all the children that she touches. Sydney still talks about her.

Congratulations on graduation, Jackson!

bekah said...

glad to see you all are doing so well!! you're kiddies are getting big. they are all so beautiful!!!

Mrs. L. said...

Courtney, I am sitting here with tears streaming down my face. I cannot thank you enough for those kind words, but I think it is I who was blessed by your families decision to move to our small town. Jackson has such a light in his eyes... he may be "bouncy" but he is full of joy and enthusiasm for life. I truly hope that I helped instill of love of school. I will miss him greatly, but look forward to seeing him in the hallway next year... hopefully Leah will get to hang her backpack in my classroom next year!