Monday, May 3, 2010

Real Life Motherhood

You may have noticed the stellar photographs of my family in the header and the sidebar. We recently had our family photographed by an amazing photographer friend, Bonnie. If you are in need of photography in the East Tennessee area you should totally check her out. She's great to work with and she has an amazing eye for the modern photography flair. Check out her photo blog here.

With the Mother's Day holiday coming up, I was challenged with the task of finding a photo that exemplified motherhood. I immediately thought of a set of shots that were taken toward the end of our family photo session. The kids were starting to get tired of the photographs, especially mister Noah (they all did awesome up to that point). Bonnie snapped a few more shots anyway and I am so glad she did. They are not the traditional "everyone's looking and smiling" kind of shots. But, as Bonnie said on her photo blog, "It is real life." Real life is not picture perfect (especially when you have four children age seven and under). I wouldn't have it any other way. What I love about the photograph is that it captures the love that we have for each other even in the middle of the unpredictability of life. And as you can see, I, the mama, am just trying to enjoy every second.

I hope to share some more of my favorites from our photo shoot soon so check back.


Bonni said...

I love, love love that picture!!! It speaks volumes!

Bonnie Widmaier said...

i love those pictures too. i wish everyone could hear the sweet songs the whole fam was singing to try to get baby noah to calm down. it is real life :) i am so glad you like the photos. thanks for the sweet things you said too. i also got caught up on your other posts. i love the jammie idea and homemade pizza looked like it was a hit.

you are a beautiful mother.

Kayla said...

Well I have finally joined the blogger world! I told you that I didn't want to create a blog until I thought of the perfect name, and I think it is fitting! SO thanks for pushing me to become a "blogger" and I am already ADDICTED! Feel free to comment as much as you want on my blog lol! Oh I want to follow Emma :)

Your favorite cousin