Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Beautiful Beginning....The Sequel

Leah will be moving on from Pre-School to the big Kindergarten next year. We are very proud of how much she has learned this year. We again are so thankful for a wonderful program and a truly amazing teacher. Mrs. L is definitely special to our family. We are already hoping that Noah will get the privilege of being in her class one day just as his big brother, Jackson, and his big sister, Leah have. You can also read about Mrs. L on this post that I wrote after Jackson graduated Pre-K last year. Thank you again Mrs. L. We love you!

Here is Leah with her assistant teachers, Ms. W & Ms. B. We love you too!

With the BFF...

With the boyfriend.
She is already making plans for marriage ;)

They performed some of Leah's favorites during the program...

The Wide-Mouthed Bullfrog

A Tootie Ta-Ta

Leah received the same candy bar award that Jackson did. The "Pop Rocks Award" for being the "Most Energetic". We are so excited that Mrs. L chose the same award for Leah that she did for Jackson last year. It fits her just as well as it fits Jackson. :)

We love you
Leah Caroline "Princess Buttercup" Beddingfield!

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that was great mom!!!