Monday, December 19, 2011

A Not So "Silent Night"

I'm taking a little break in my Sweet Sleep, South Africa blog series to bring you these hysterical darn right scary pictures of the kids.  A few weeks ago I saw this cute Christmas card picture on pinterest with the caption "Silent Night".

I thought it was so funny, clever and definitely fitting for my wild bunch so I decided to try to emulate this photo with my kids.  Our attempt did not go so well.  I told the kids to look surprised but I got more "serial killer" from Emma.  Jackson and Leah are always hard to get to look at the camera.  And, well, despite my optimistic attitude that maybe Noah would not totally freak out when we tied him up with Christmas lights and taped his mouth shut with festive red duct tape.... he did.

So if we do get Christmas cards out in time for Christmas this year, I think I will spare you from opening up your mailbox to find these fabulous photos (insert sarcasm here) and just go with something a little more traditional......  you're welcome.


Hannah said...

that is awesome!!!!

Emily S said...

that is so funny! Thanks for sharing!